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Call Our office at 622-8208, or email us, and request a complimentary consultation. After you have answered a few basic questions, the member of our staff with whom you are speaking will immediately schedule your consultation in the convenience of your home or at the office.

Welcome to Gibraltar Trusts.
A thousand clients have esiegbsibgisbivsbeen served by Gibraltar Trusts helping each one of them create a legacy for their children and heirs.  Like the good old days, to make it convenient for you, we make ‘house calls' and visit you to help you set up your Estate Plan and Living Trust.

If you've moved here from another state and brought your Will or Trust with you, we can help you identify what has to be done to Arizonaize your documents.

First your Estate will be reviewed and analyzed, and then Gibraltar Trusts will advise you on what works best for you and your family.
​Professional services are provided to every client at a reasonable fee.

Revocable Living Trust...
Through a Revocable Living Trust, Gibraltar Trusts will help you:

  o  Create a Legacy for your children 

         o  Protect your assets for your children & heirs
         o  Avoid Probate Court
         o  Reduce or Eliminate Estate Taxes
         o  Avoid Court Appointed Conservators

And finally, assistance would be provided to your heirs in settling the estate.

Serving over

1,000 Clients

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A Will Is Not Enough

According to the AARP's two year study entitled "A Report on Probate: Consumer Perspectives and Concerns", 90% of all estates of widows and widowers age 60 and above will go through Probate.

Since the days of the Roman Empire, probate has been a costly and drawn out court procedure for children and heirs when people pass away. Your loved ones do not have to participate in this dreadful practice that fleeces them of what is rightfully theirs.

A Gibraltar Trusts Estate Plan will see to that.

Let Gibraltar Trusts help you protect your... 
assets, your family, your legacy.

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